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Who's Luz?


I'm passionate about the interaction of the material and psychological. I love design because it's the point of contact between the two. A good designer makes something functional. A great designer (and I'm a great designer) makes an interface and experience that users feel. Sometimes that's a delight, sometimes it's a smooth interface they barely notice is there. And sometimes, for actions we want to discourage, it can even be friction. If you need to bridge the gap between what your engineers build and what your consumers experience then I'm the designer for you. I'm especially interested in projects that design for BIPOC, Latino/a, LGBTIAQ++, or women audiences.​


2017-Present, Senior UX/UI Designer

Fribush Technology 

I began as a contract designer and was promoted to project manager and design lead of teams of other designers. I worked with the team to deliver over a dozen apps and websites.

2017-2018, Freelance Graphic Designer and UX/UI Designer 

Freelancer in Upwork

After being evacuated to the US, I built up a freelancing customer base from zero to one that allowed me to earn a total time income. Served dozens of clients on projects from logos to hyper-realistic digital paintings.

2017, Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief, Psychological Aid

University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus 

Remained behind in a state of emergency to provide full-time psychological and material aid to the victims of Hurricane Maria in underserved and remote communities.

2012- 2017, Behavioral Psychology Researcher

University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus 

Published author as a primary researcher and dozens as secondary on themes ranging from industrial psychology to government user experience to the effects of racism on perceptions of technology.


Masters in Academic and Research Psychology

University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

B.A. Psychology and Community Mental Health      

Minor in Organizational Sociology and Anthropology 

University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus


Google UX Design Certificate

Google, Coursera 

Business in Society Certificate

Harvard Business School 

Multidisciplinary Approaches in Psychology Research, Mental Health Research, and Mindfulness

University of Cantabria, Spain


Product Design, Project Management, UI Design, UX Design, Web Design, Mobile & App Design, Customer Psychology, Visual Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, Branding, Feature Translation, Design Systems, Design Thinking, Design Strategy, User Research, User Flow Analysis, Moderated and Unmoderated Usability Research, User Research Data Analysis, Task Analysis, Exploratory Research, Engineering Handoffs, SPSS, basic  HTML and CSS


Figma, Webflow, Zeplin, InDesign, Sketch, Procreate, Invision, Miro, Krita, Photoshop, Trello, Notion, Adobe Cloud, AdobeXD, Illustrator


Vázquez, L.; Castillo, J. (2017) An encounter between art-therapy and psychiatric patients. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico.

Castro, V.; Vázquez, L.; Serrano, V.; Saldaña, K. (2017) University access in communities with low socio-economic resources. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico. 

Godreau, I.; Franco, M.; Vázquez, L.; Díaz-Colón, F.; Dominicci, H.; Ortiz, M.; Sánchez, A. (2017) Skin color, racism and health in Puerto Rico. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico. 

Maldonado, G.; Vázquez, L. (2017) Effects of meditation practices on depression symptoms, anxiety and stress levels in university students. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico. 

Maldonado, G.; Vázquez, L. (2017) Final results on the exploratory study on perceptions, attitudes, and knowledge towards the person with disabilities. Interdisciplinary Researches. Cayey. 

Vázquez, L.; Vázquez, V. (2016) Social struggles, activism and leadership in La Perla community in Old San Juan. Symposium of Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico.

Vázquez L.; Caraballo, J. (2016) Gender constructions in Wiccan and Pagan religions. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico.

Vázquez, L.; Castro, V. (2016) Learning a second language through games in adolescents with low socio-economic resources. Interdisciplinary Researches. University of Puerto Rico.


2021: Rising Talent on Upwork 
2019: Top 3% on Toptal 
2018: MAVA Innovation Award 
2018: National Chamber of Commerce Innovative Small Business Award 2018: WeWork Creator Award - Arts


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